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HERO is a national leader in the creation of  Employee Health Management: Research, Education, Policy, Strategy, Leadership and Infrastructure.


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About HERO

The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

HERO began operations on April 1, 1996, as a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.  The initial objective was to create high quality employee health management (EHM) research, especially that dealing with the impact of modifiable health risks on health care costs.  To implement this effort, HERO, in collaboration with StayWell Health Management and the Medstat Group (now Thomson Reuters), created the HERO Research Database.  The HERO database has been the source for the creation of landmark, frequently referenced peer reviewed and published EHM research.  For more information and details on HERO facilitated research, click on the HERO Research link.  To view the HERO Board of Directors, click on the Board of Directors link.

HERO Think Tank

In early 2003, HERO made the observation that the acceptance, sophistication, and accountability of EHM was on the increase.  This raised the question about the availability of EHM national policy, strategy, leadership, and infrastructure sufficient to support, monitor, and continue the expansion of the industry.  To answer this question, HERO devoted over two years to conducting focus groups to examine and define what was required to push the EHM industry to new levels of respect and success.  The participants in the focus group meetings were a cross section of the corporate EHM thought leaders, and many of the national provider experts.  The findings from this effort indicated that while there were highly effective EHM programs in operation, there was little in the way of a nationally organized effort to create and disseminate the required EHM policy, strategy, leadership, and infrastructure.  Based on this, HERO made the decision to fill this void through the development of the HERO Think Tank, which was launched in February, 2006.  For more information on the HERO Think Tank, click on the Think Tank link.

HERO Best Practice Scorecard – Version 3.0 in Collaboration with MERCER

We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between HERO and MERCER that will enhance the art and science of Employee Health Management (EHM) benchmarking and Best Practice.  Individuals from HERO and MERCER have collaborated to create the new HERO Scorecard Version 3.0 (Scorecard V3.0).  The objective is to elevate the understanding, acceptance, and accountability of EHM best practice, and establish the HERO Scorecard V3.0 as the assessment instrument of choice.
The HERO Scorecard V3.0 is now available.  For more information about the Scorecard V3.0, click on the Scorecard link.  You are invited to use the online Scorecard V3.0 to input your EHM program benchmarking and best practice information.  In return, you will be sent, without charge, an aggregate benchmarking and best practice report based on all of the information submitted to the online Scorecard V3.0.  For more information and to become involved, click on the Scorecard link.
HERO and MERCER also plan to collaborate and co-own a large scale, interactive EHM benchmarking and best practice normative database.  When available, this database will be used to compare your program with best practices and data from other demographically similar programs. As the EHM industry continues to move forward, the determination of benchmarks and the establishment of best practice are essential.  The Scorecard V3.0 is a break through  that addresses this need.

HERO Vision Statement

HERO Core Purpose
 Create and disseminate EHM research, policy, leadership,
and infrastructure, which advance the principles, science,
and practice of employee health management.
HERO Envisioned Future
HERO strives to integrate employee health management into
large and small business operations, mainstream
medicine, and the national culture.
HERO Core Values
Leadership – A leading proponent in multi-organization, multi-discipline, involvement in effort to enhance the acceptance, sophistication, and accountability of employee health management.
Excellence – Dedicated to the operation of the HERO Think Tank and other important employee health management efforts according to the highest standards of effectiveness and success.
Integrity – Advance the employee health management industry based on ethical interaction among all HERO members and honestly in the dissemination of information and data.

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